Frequently asked questions





Q.How can I reset my password?

A. To reset your password please navigate to the password reset page.

Q.Will WhoisAPI share my details?

A. No, we have a zero tolerance policy on spam and other annoying practices.

Q.Can I close my account?

A. Yes, to delete your account please login and navigate to the account page. This page contains a button which when clicked will submit an account removal request to our staff. In the event that your account does not have any outstanding invoices or actions your account will be permanently deleted.

Q.How much does registration cost?

A. Registration is completely free, there are no sign-up fees or lock-in contracts. You will only be changed in the event that you exceed your free usage allowance.

Q.How can I change my password?

A. To update your password please login to your account.

Q.Can I change my email address

A. No, currently we do not support this feature.

Q.When will I be charged?

A. We operate on a NET30 billing cycle so you will receive a new invoice every 30 days.

Q.Are my payment details secure?

A. Yes, we directly send the details from your browser to our payment processor, Stripe.

Q.Do you charge a card processing fee?

A. No, the processing costs we incur are built into the price of the APIs already.

Q.How much does the API cost?

A. To ensure that we can provide our users with the best possible rates we have created individual billing plans with unique tariff sizes and structures for each API type. To estimate how much you will be charged please use our pricing calculator on the home page.

Q.Will I receive an invoice?

A. All users receive an invoice every 30days for the previous 30days usage, regardless of if you have no usage, strictly free usage, or paid usage. The invoice you receive serves as a receipt for payment and statement of usage.

Q.Where can I see detail break down of my bill?

A. The invoice you will receive each month will itemise your usage of each API broken down into each individual tariff level.

Q.Where can I find API documentation?

A. Please see our docs page to review our API documentation and other information.

Q.Do you offer integration help?

A. Yes, if you are having trouble consuming our API please send us an email to and we will reply quickly with support. Please include as much information as possible about your configuration and the issues you are facing.

Q.Do you provide API call logs?

A. Yes, all successfully authenticated API calls are stored in your personal API log indefinitely for your review.

Q.How can I add an API whitelist entry?

A. Once logged into your account please navigate to the API IP whitelist page and enter the IP address of your web server.

Q.How can I get in touch?

A. The default method to get in touch with us is through the contact page for general enquiries and via for implementation specific questions.

Q.Is WhoisApi secure?

A. Yes. To clarify, no system is ever truly 100% secure, however we follow security best practises and develop with security as a priority. Rest assured that we do take security very seriously.